The Long Bad Mile

Running Down that Hill

As promised in my post yesterday, two pics from the hill run. The top one I took on the way down the two mile hill run. Wheeee!


And this one shows the Stop sign that marks the top of the hill. I`m always happy to see that.


Good news and bad news. The good news is, I`ve found a field with a one mile perimeter. Running in circles isn`t my thing but it may have to become more of my thing. This field also has a hill within that circuit. Hills are good news for training purposes, right?

Now, for the bad news. For my run today, I only managed to circumnavigate that field twice. And it was too very poxy miles at that. Runkeeper had me hovering at the 10/11 minute mile range. Right back where I started when my on again/off again love affair with Runkeeper started.

But, hey, I fulfilled today`s Janathon obligation and knocked another two miles off my year long 1,000. Only 988 1/2 miles to go….