Liffey Swim


Liffey Swim 2012

                                                                                                                                                                    Liffey Swim 2012

Yes, I swam today. No, not in the River Liffey in Dublin. But I have to say, I often think about it when I`m gliding through the pristine waters of my local pool.

I am fascinated by the challenge of swimming through the capital`s murky river. It`s been an annual event since the 1920s, I think. Yes, I`m too lazy to google. I`ve watched that race for the past three years and it just amazes me that hundreds-I think around four hundred, actually-take on that challenge every year. There`s a separate mens and women`s race and they include teenagers we well as seasoned swimmers in their late seventies.It`s over a mile long and they`re stuck out there in the middle of the river, with nowhere to stand and just the hope that a handful of boats will come to their rescue should the need arise.

To qualify for the race, you have to undertake three recognized sea swims first. I`m way off the mark. I learned how to swim properly last year, and even at that, I can only do the breaststroke for any reasonable length of time. I can manage ten freestyle lengths before my rhythm and breathing goes AWOL. I can swim a mile-I did it regularly last year and again before Christmas but just need to do that freestyle.

Yep, a challenge. I`m not committing to a timeframe until I master the stroke.

So,back into the swim again today. Had been scared of all those January gymmers taking over the pool, but I needn`t have worried. There were only three other swimmers there when I arrived.And two of those swiftly left at the sight of me. I`d no idea I looked so bad in a swimsuit but there ya go….

Fear not. This blog is not about to morph into a swim blog though. Swimming just complements the running. Its like a massage for my running weary muscles.And it`s very handy to fall back on should injury set it. And the running definitely gives me heaps more stamina for the swimming.

So I`ll dream on about the Liffey challenge.

Forty lengths done today.That`s half a mile.


………And not a trolley or bicycle in sight.