Hi! I`m Red Hen and I live in Ireland.The Red Hen bit comes from my independent, defiant, tough, Irish streak “I will do it myself…” said in the face of all obstacles. In any case, as a proud member of the F50 (female and fifty something)running category, I can no longer claim to be a spring chick.

That said, I`m in better shape than I ever was and that`s all down to running. I`m not a natural athlete, but I fall into the category that most of us are in: I need to keep moving. Discovering running in latter life has been a pure joy and it has made significant inroads into improving my health and joie de vivre. So you can expect it to feature heavily in this blog.

Oh, I`ve other interests too. Cooking, knitting, photography, history and topping the lot, my three children. Yep, like any good old hen I have to be pecking away at something all the time.The kids and the day job, I`ll tinker away with off line, but the other stuff is all up for viewing in this blog.

I`d be thrilled if you`d join me in all of the fun. I am very interested in learning from all of you and in reading your blogs. So c`mon into the hen house. Help yourself to coffee and cake. Then, lets lay around in the straw and get squawkin` about all our interests, all of the good stuff and, especially, running.

Contact: redhenrun@yahoo.ie

55 thoughts on “About

  1. Morning, Red, (It’s morning here in Southern California but might be tea time in Ireland.) My running days are over but I keep trying to maintain a brisk walking routine. Your athletics and blog are both admirable. Thanks.

    • Oh, hi! Just been to that Oostermann blog you recommended. Love it!

      As to your question…well, I must review my About page again! I suppose this blog should fall under the lifestyle genre. I write about all of the things I enjoy. Running just happens to be one of them and has doubled my enjoyment of everything.

      • And I’m sure it would me, but that I have a really crook lower back. And right now the additional problem …. oh, SHUT UP, M-R !!!!!
        [M-R does so.]

  2. Great introduction! Thank you for the follow – even though I’m not a runner anymore. A hurting knee among other “things” stopped that career…if it ever was a career…I’ll be around!

  3. Hi I’m involved with the Great Limerick Run and I’d like to get in touch with you about blogging. Have you an email address I could contact you on?

  4. Thank you for choosing to follow One Quality, the Finest. I’m certainly not in your league as a runner (I log an awesome four miles per weekend during the school year!), but one of my favorite places for a morning jog is the Jardin du Luxembourg.

      • Pity… that was going to be my next question… where to stand to get good photos… I plan to do a bit of walking… from Connolly to the Park and back along some of the route… fun, if the weather plays ball! 😉

      • I think the Park would be a nice spot with the autumn trees in the background,though Clonskeagh is another option-quiet,leaf lined,though more angst on the runners faces,perhaps,at that point.

      • Don’t do the tube… against my religion… 😉

        How about walking directly from the Park back to Stevens Green? Catching the early finishers?

      • Marathon.ie will have route map.Great crowds towards end of race could make photography difficult.Unless you want to take great crowds.Terrific signs on display btw,by folk in said crowd.Looking forward to your pics!

      • Aaah… crowds, also against my religion… thanks for all the tips, as you may have surmised, I’m a marathon virgin so it will be fun! Maybe I must climb a tree near the finish! 😉

    • Thank you! It started as a running blog but somehow, is morphing into an all-sorts blog. Though, I like to think, running has a huge influence on all these other activities.

    • Thank you for that, Terry. I hadn`t heard about it. Though I know so many single girls travelled out to Australia from Ireland post 1850. I forget now, but I think my grandaunt went sometime in the 1870s, while I`d other great grandaunts who travelled on to NZ during that decade too.What a daunting journey for all of them.

    • TWO awards? Gosh, thank you! I`m happy to post up some more of my favourite blogs in the coming days-or weeks!-as part of the award acceptance. I love reading about other people`s favourite blogs too. It helps direct more great blogs to my WordPress reader. Thank you Kate!

    • Ah! Thank you! And what a nice understanding comment too! I`m thrilled and honoured to accept. Just found this in my spam folder though, hence the delay in my response. Will get cracking in the Liebster requirements asap.

      • You’re welcome – the only reason I haven’t responded to all three before is time….

        Thank you for unspamming me!

  5. Reading about you I get the feeling you’re a bit like me. I’m more of the F20, but also enjoy running, cooking, knitting and photography.
    PS. I also signed up for a halfmarathon in september. So will try my best not to be injured before then 🙂

    • Oh, well done on signing up for the Half Marathon.
      Re the F50 category? I`m kinda shocked that I`m in it myself, since I still feel F20 in my head! But it`s all about living well and having fun no matter what your category. Looking forward to following your F20 adventures!

  6. I’ve signed up for three half marathons and not made any of them so far as life has conspired against me. Managed the Great South Run two years ago and I’ve signed up again this year. I will make it past the 10 mile mark at some stage! Nice to meet a fellow runner 🙂

  7. You’ll be running in the Dublin City Marathon? Good for you!
    My brother was the runner; I was the writer. When he ran came to Colorado and ran the Pikes Peak Marathon (up and down a mountain!) I was supposed to write an article about it. Instead, I was fascinated by an older woman wearing bright pink shoelaces. When she finished the race, I was there to write “In Praise of Pink Shoelaces” about her. Runners’ stories are so wonderful! Can’t wait to read yours.

    • Oh,I wouldn’t fancy running down a mountain!I love strong colours but especially on older people.Stand out!Don’t be invisible!
      Thank you for dropping by with your comment!

  8. Hi Red Hen, thanks for stopping by my blog! I just had to pop over and check yours out. As someone who’s trying very hard to get into running, it was really interesting to read. Then, as I was scrolling through the posts, some of the pictures started to look eerily familiar to me, then some place names started to pop up, and now I’m beginning to think we might be from the same neck of the woods. Isn’t the world an incredibly small place! Looking forward to hearing more about your running and life in the sunny north east of Ireland!

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