Silent Saturday: National Botanic Gardens

19 thoughts on “Silent Saturday: National Botanic Gardens

    • You’re playing catch up in your neck of the woods with your later Spring. It will be interesting to see just how quickly everything will burst forth there.

  1. I can almost smell that apple blossom – one of the best scents in the world. It takes me back to sitting on the swing (one my dad made from a plank of wood, hanging in an apple tree) in the garden when I was little. Lovely! Tulips have such intense colours, don’t they?

    • What a pretty place for your swing. Yes, tulips are among my favourite flowers. Maybe just surpassed by lupins. I’m completely nuts about those. Yet, having said all that, I dislike cut flowers. Once they’re cut they’re dying and I’d much rather let them have their time in a flower bed.

      • Ooooh! Lupins. Mmmm. They didn’t grow very well on our soil (chalk) but at school there were wonderful lupins, all different colours, just outside one of the classroom windows. I really liked some brown and yellow ones I saw once – stunning. There were bearded irises there, too, with a wonderful scent. Scents are very good for memories!

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